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"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,
the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

Definition Of "Regulated".

There is a common misunderstanding of "regulated". Its meaning has gradually changed from 200 years ago. In the Army we have "Regulations" but the term derived from the sense of training, they tell how soldiers are to be trained. The sense can still be seen in the term "Regular Army" meaning well trained. Well regulated simply meant trained, the difference being that between well-meaning untrained farmers and tradesmen and a useful militia able to defend/attack regular enemy troops, able to act in a coordinated and disciplined, skillful manner in a battle. Not controlled but trained .  (Defined by a Warrior).

Note:  This sure helps to explain the true meaning of the Second Amendment.

Quote  He was right.  We have arrived.

Six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America said in a 1944 speech:
“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism”, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation … I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”
(Nov 20, 1884 – Dec 19, 1968)

Head Shots

Center mass hits is not the hard and fast rule. We use center mass as it's the widest part of the person and therefore provides a better chance of hitting the subject. There is no back, side, neck, legs or head sanctuary. Consider if your first shot hits the heart and the heart explodes, the perpetrator still has 14 seconds to attack and kill you before he is terminated. A person, based on actual tests that I have conducted, can cover 30-40 yards in 6 seconds. How far is the subject away from you in your living room, or bedroom? That is why it usually takes multiple hits to stop a subject. A hit on any part of a two-inch band around the head at eye level will usually cause full cessation of movement. As you go from the chest cavity area to the head, if necessary, the lower part of the throat can also be a stopper. If close to the center of the neck it might sever the top of the spine and cause cessation of movement.

So as long as he's in an aggressive stance you walk your pattern from the chest to eye level. If you practice this at close range, on the firing range, you will soon be able to keep a perpendicular pattern by the point and shoot method without stopping between shots.

"Shoot him in the back? Wow! I'm going to get convicted for sure."

The home invader is at your young child's bedroom door about to enter and you're behind him, so you say, "Excuse me, could you turn around so I can shoot you in the chest?" He says, "no". You say, "DAMN!  Now I don't know what to do."

“I can just hear a prosecutor's accusation that, since I had the time to make such a carefully aimed shot, wasn't there time to use a less lethal way to stop the attacker?”

You: No.

Prosecutor: Why is that? You did make a carefully aimed shot.

You: There wasn't time to look around in the dark to see if I could find another type of weapon. At that distance and in the dark you don't aim the weapon, you point and shoot. By practicing this method it is very accurate. ((If you have 'Tritium' night sights on your weapon you might say, “I have night sights on my weapon for just such an occasion.”) (You really did it that time – wrong terminology)).

Prosecutor: So you had night sights put on your weapon in anticipation of killing someone?

You: (Should have said). No.

Prosecutor: Then why the night sights?

You: It provides more accuracy at night and lessens the danger of missing which may cause bystanders to be in greater danger. The safety of innocent persons is always uppermost in my mind before I fire my weapon.

Note: I think this may calm some fears about head shots.. Consider the whole situation and take the appropriate steps and force, if necessary, to protect yourself and family.

Letter to NRA Mail Call

In the President's column, (Ameirca's 1st Freedom, Jan. 2012) Pres. David A. Keene states that “We are the final line of defense of the Second Amendment.” I respectfully disagree as I believe that the NRA is the first line of defense. A first line of defense is one that holds the line against an enemy and often goes on the offensive. This is what the NRA does against enemies of the Second Amendment. The final (or last) line of defense is one where there is nothing else behind it and, if penetrated, the enemy has won completely. If the NRA's defenses are penetrated there is another line of defense which is made up of my Second Amendment Warriors. My Warriors will give their full measure to defend against gun confiscation. As one of my Warrior so nobly put it, "As with our forefathers at Lexington/Concord when ordered to lay down our arms we must say NO - forcefully if need be." When all my Warriors have been defeated then and only then will the last line of defense be broken and the government will reign over what was once us free men. Many of my Warriors are also NRA members and I invite all Patriots to join our ranks.

Reason for Armed Population

James Madison, who in The Federalist (1788) contended that "the ultimate authority... resides in the people alone." Should tyranny emerge, to a regular army of the United States government "would be opposed a militia amounting to near half a million citizens with arms in their hands."
According to Madison, The purpose having an armed population is to face against the US ARMY should the United States be subverted by tyranny.  (From one of my Warriors).  

Note:  Of course today there would be 80,000,000 of us.                                    

Concerns and my Response to a Patriot

Fm.:  MB on Freedom Connector.  Message: Whether I sign up with your group or not. With the FBI's new definition of 'domestic terrorists' I am leery of putting my name on lists such as these. For each and every name you get, there will be at least ten thousand patriots that are with us...Semper Fi 

My Response: 

I think that you're correct but I feel that if the 10 thousands would sign up then that would translate into 4 million Warriors.  At that time I would tell the FBI to pound sand and they couldn't do anything about it.  I'd also tell every Senator, Representative on the Federal, State & Local level & every major police department the same thing and that my Warriors will no longer follow any unconstitutional laws on the books. Some of my Warriors are police officers/sheriffs who said they will never follow orders to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens.

I certainly hope you're right for freedom's sake.   What the hell, it might be fun to tease the Acorn guards at the FEMA internment camps.  

Hits From Foreign Countries

Hits from foreign countries are good as they allow the site to tell others about our 2nd Amendment and how far we are willing to go to protect our freedoms.  It may also encourage their citizens to demand the right to be armed for self-defense and the ability to help defend their countries. 


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Foreigners are welcome to email me at but, of course, cannot sign up as Warriors to defend our Second Amendment, but it's nice to know we have friends overseas.  I may Post some of their comments  I will not use their name or country to protect their identity from their government unless they give me specific authorization..

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Improper Posting

I will, and will continue to, delete Posts that use improper, unconstitutional and/or vulgar words/wordings.  Also Posts that are superfluous for enhancing the ideals of the site or information that is common knowledge.

Where Is Center Mass

Information from a Warrior Comment.  

From: Defensive Handgun for Armed Citizen:

"Defensive hand   gunners are taught to shoot at center mass, but what does this actually mean? Note where center mass is... it is the solar plexus area. If one fired a round into this area, all major circulatory organs (e.g., heart and lungs) would be completely missed.

Therefore, defensive hand gunners need to reexamine what is meant by center mass. Based on the human anatomy, defensive hand gunners should actually aim at the upper torso area. The most effective area is in line with the armpits. This is the target to seek for effective handgun round incapacitation!"

Which Weapon?

. . . Just a thought, but all things considered I believe the 22 rifle to be the single best weapon a person could own if they had no other. You can provide food and security . . .  - Thanks for a great idea. - Nate

I concur with the .22 rifle. Adding a pistol or revolver of the same caliber would make it an ideal combination.. Of course if you already own a higher caliber weapon, that's just fine also.

PS. Don't forget a sturdy pocket knife. I carry one all the time - even in the house.  

Does Registration Lead To Confiscation?

On May 1, California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that allows law enforcement to confiscate handguns and assault rifles from Californians who bought the weapons legally but have since had a disqualifying “criminal conviction or serious mental illness.”
Legislators believe up to 20,000 Californians will fall under this law, which could mean up to 40,000 weapons need to be confiscated. The legislation “allocates $24 million in surplus funds” to hire “dozens of special agents” to help recover the weapons.

Since California keeps a database of gun owners, they know where every gun is–or where it’s supposed to be–and they’ll use that database to locate them.

Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) said the money California has spent to maintain a “tracking program” on firearms has paid off and is now giving the lawmakers “the opportunity to confiscate [these guns].”