Second Amendment Warrior

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,
the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

Fear of Government

Why are we so afraid of our government when we have all the power?  The basic reason is that the powers that be don't put out the proper announcements to educate us.  That is understandable as why would they want us to know exactly how to defeat their interests.  What is not understandable is why the other side (those who complain all the time) does not make the proper announcements to educate like thinkers.  It is my hope that I can start to contribute in this area.

 What is this power that we have that the government can never take away from us?  It is called Jury Nullification.  Every Warrior should read and appreciate the power that Jury Nullification gives us.   (See Jury Nullification under it's own tab).

Warriors Commitment

Every Warrior makes his/her own commitment t to resist tyranny. Think hard before you comment and commit yourself to be a Warrior. We are not a group. We are individuals who understand what a warrior is. No group will come to your aid if/when the government comes to confiscate your gun. What will YOU do, not what will I do, not what will WE do. Medals are not given to a group of soldiers, it is given for an individual act. He did not ask his squad to help him, he just did his duty. I expect that my Warriors would come to the defense of a stranger, protect their family and defend his rights. The authors of the Second Amendment pledged their honor, fortune and their lives. I also expect each to study, understand and teach Jury Nullification and use it when warranted. You are either a Warrior or a slave.

I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" - Patrick Henry.  Do we love liberty less than Patrick Henry?


Although we take an individual pledge there's nothing wrong with trying to recruit new Warriors.  In fact it's not a bad idea.  First, it should swell our ranks and second, you will have someone who may help in a time of need.  You then should be the head of your group; someone who they can turn to for advice and support.  You are then the servant of the group, not the boss.  The higher I went up in rank the more I felt obligated to take care of  the men under my command.  We should only try to recruit like minded persons.  We don't call them names or think less of them if they don't want to become a Warrior.  Remember, when we signed up we took an individual pledge.  No one tried to convince us.  So let them make up their own minds without any pressure from you.  Tell them to let you know if they sign up, so the group may be formed.  (Suggested by one of my Warriors).

Improper Terminology

Can you imagine someone actually said this on a blog.  "shoot to kill it’s better to be tried by 12 than carried by six!"  Two ignorant statements in one sentence.  Wow! 
 You:   "I shot to stop his aggression against me as I felt I was in imminent danger of being killed or suffer grave bodily harm." 
Prosecutor:  Did you intentionally shoot to kill?
You:  No.  I shot to defend myself.
Prosecutor:  But you killed him.
(This is not a question so don't speak to a non-question.  Just sit there.  He expects you to say something stupid so he can come back at you.  Don't speak to a non-question/statement, let him come back with a question.  Now he's on the defensive, not you.)
Prosecutor:  Isn't it better to be tried by 12 than carried by six?
(This is not a question for you to answer.  It is a rhetorical question which does not require an answer.  So shut up and wait for a real question.)
Prosecutor:  (Forcing the issue). I asked you a question.  (Judge says you have to answer).
You:  That may be your idea but it's not mine.
Prosecutor:  But he died because you shot him.  Was that your intention to kill him?
You:  No.  My intention was to defend myself.
Prosecutor:  Why did you fire all six rounds?
(Now don't say something stupid like, "Because that's all the bullets I had in the gun.")
You:  Because that's how many it took to stop his aggression against me.  He wouldn't stop attacking me.
(Got the idea now?  Stop making stupid statements to the cops that can be used against you in court and if you testify don't make stupid/ignorant statements on the witness stand).
If you're not sure whether to answer a question or not, wait.  Give your defense attorney time to object to the question.  If he doesn't then look for his sign.  Nod to answer or shake his head back & forth to tell you not to answer.
Now everyone repeat after me, "I will never make a stupid/ignorant statement again as long as I live."
Note: I taught this shit for 25 years.  Believe me or go to jail.
PS.  Also read Terminology Again post below. 

Registering Your Guns

Question has come up on how can one become a Warrior if he has already registered his guns with the state under his state's law.

The most important concept of this site is that we are the last line of defense against becoming an unarmed populace by resisting fully any gun confiscation by the government in violation of the Second Amendment.

What you did or did not do in the past is not germane to the issue now.  In the states that now require registration, you should follow the law.  Registration should be looked at under the guise of the UN Gun Ban Treaty.  If the ban is passed by the UN and ratified by the Senate then, I believe, the federal government will try to pass, by law or fiat, that every gun will have to be registered.  This is where the line is drawn.  Federal registration will be merely a way for the government to compile a list of where the guns are so they may be confiscated.  There can be no other  reason.  Of course the FFL's (gun stores) have to do a background check and enter their sales in their 4473's (record book).  If the order for confiscation does come to pass all FFL's must destroy their 4473's as that is how the government wil be able to determine who owns guns and who didn't register them.  Ask your favorite gun store if they will destroy their 4473's.  And, please make them aware of this site.    

We are lawful Warriors and must act accordingly until the actual fight begins.  In the meantime those Warriors who live in states that require registration should be working to have that law repealed.  It is merely a duplication of the records held at the gun store and a "feel good law".


PS.  Have we been studying Jury Nullification, emailing it and teaching it to your family & friends?



Recommended Reading

I strongly recommend my Warriors read the book "To Try Men's Souls",  by Newt Gingrich.  The book gave me the inspiration to start this web site.  How can we be so fortunate to be able to follow  in these Warrior's footsteps by pledging our lives, as they did, to protect freedom. 

Terminology Again


It appears that some of the new(er) Warriors did not read my Post  "Improper Terminology".  This is a subject not to be taken lightly and I suggest to those who have not read it to read it.  Whatever is said in front of or to others may be testified to in court if you ever are there, and be assured that the prosecutor will interview your neighbors and friends to find out any negative thoughts that you may have expounded.  If you forgot it by now, reread it again.   Loose lips may sink ships but they can also land you in jail or invite burglars to your house.

Have we been studying Jury Nullification, placing it on Facebook and Twitter, sent it out on your email list and bugged your friends and family about it?


It's Not Easy

It is not easy being a Warrior.  Each and everyone of us stand alone at the site of the confiscation, if it ever comes.
Like many Warriors have stated, "from my cold dead hands . . .",  How many of us will they have to kill or how many of us will we kill before the elected officials pass or repeal laws to protect the Second Amendment and rescind the order to confiscate.  Only then will the battle be over.  When the Patriots at the bridge were told to lay down their arms, they said no, even though they were facing a squad of the best trained soldiers in the world.  You and only you can decide if you will stand with those Patriots at the bridge.  Are you willing to give your full measure for your kids and grandkids to safeguard their freedoms?  I have 4 kids and 4 grandkids and it is not up to them to decide what I should or shouldn't do to protect their freedom.  I am the patriarch of the family - it is my decision.
If you know some police officers tell them about this site and ask them if they will obey the unlawful order to confiscate or pledge not to and join us Warriors.  Also work to have any bad gun laws repealed in your state, join the NRA, etc.  If some of your family or friends feel like you do have them join and form a small group in your area.  (See my post on this).  It's not easy doing the right thing, is it.  Let me know how your feelings turn to.
Best of Luck

Identify If Law Enforcement

If you are a law enforcement officer so indicate but  DO NOT identify your department unless your chief has already pledged to never follow gun confiscation orders and that he will arrest any civilian authority that gives him an unlawful order for Malfesance of Office.  Wouldn't this be a good time to discuss this subject?

Letting the government know who we are

Patriots/Warriors want the government to know that we are jealous about our rights and will not give them up easily. The government is supposed to be on our side to help us protect our rights, not to try to take them away from its citizens. I've already notified my two Senators and my Rep. about the site. I've also given them my name, address, phone #, sexual orientation, height, weight, age, military service, where I play pool every Friday night and identified my car with the license plate, that I have a dog but he's not vicious so not to be afraid when they come, etc. Molon Labe.
If you're afraid of the government get off my site. This site is for Warriors only.
In fact you should be telling your government officials about this site and that you're a Warrior. 

Honorary Patriot from Germany

I think it's great that we have an honorary Patriot from Germany.  He shows up about weekly to read what the Patriots are saying.  I believe that reading our material makes him a stronger Patriot for his country.  It is encouraging also that others believe in self-defense and concerned for the defense of their country. 

Now France is starting to show up.  Many things can be said, both good and bad, about France but without the French we would not have won the Revolutionary War.  Lafayette training our troops and the French fleet blockading Charleston harbor from the British are just a few of the many ways France helped the Colonies.   Without France's help we'd still be speaking English.

Nigeria just showed up.

Keep Your Survival Plans and Supplies to Yourself

A good idea is not to mouth-off too much about your guns, food and other survival supplies.  If people ever get that hungry some will know where to go - and they won't be friendly.  Of course you should advise and help your family about survival plans. Of course you should then tell them to SHUT-UP about it also.


Due to the results of the election it is imperative that we do all we can to increase the ranks of Warriors.  I feel that the UN Gun Ban will now be pushed by the administration and probably confirmed by the Senate or by Executive Decree which is one of a president's favorite ways to advance his agenda.  And we all know gun confiscation is on the top of Biden's list.

We now must strengthen our resolve for any attack on our freedom.


Warriors Are Timeless

"Of every one hundred men, ten shouldn't be there. Eighty are nothing but targets. Nine are real fighters...We are lucky to have them they make the battle. Ah, but one, one of them is a Warrior... He will bring the others home"


Hericlites is talking about you, my modern day Warriors.  Warriors have always been and always will be the hope and salvation of mankind.


We Are Not A Club

 Some people ask how they can join the club.  This is my response.

 We are not a club. We are individual peaceful Warriors. We are law-abiding citizens who are the last line of defense to prevent gun confiscation. History tells us that when guns are confiscated the government begins to annihilate the people who won't go along with their insane dictates. As one of my Warriors so eloquently stated, "when they come for them, it will be time to use them."

(You become a Warrior by taking the Pledge and signing the Guestbook).

Freedom is holding its own

You have to give a lot of credit to the Patriots in Connecticut for standing against the unconstitutional law of gun registration.  Of course, we all know that registration leads to confiscation.  Those gun owners who stood in line on Dec. 31, 2013 to register their guns should be ashamed of themselves for not standing fast.  

Now is the time when we should be publicizing the site to recruit new Patriots.


Reminder to all FFL's' (gun stores)

As many times as I've said this, it's worth repeating.
When and if a revolution starts you must immediately destroy your 4473's.

Citizens Duty

It is the duty of all citizens to kill any foreign troops in the act of enforcing any unconstitutional laws.